Rotavirus Double-Layered Particle

Below is a stack (52 GB) of 18,125 images (MRC/CCP4 format) of rotavirus double-layered particles (DLPs [1]) collected at 300 kV and a calibrated magnification of 58,080, giving a pixel size on the specimen of 1.205 Å. Alignment parameters determined by Frealign for each particle in the stack can also be found below, as well as a reconstruction of DLP (also MRC/CCP4 format). Ewald sphere correction was not performed.

To download the stack, please download all 27 parts below (DLP_stack_aa.part - DLP_stack_ba.part) and combine them to a single stack. On a Linux/UNIX system, you can use the attached script to download all parts and restore the stack. After downloading the script, type
chmod +x get_DLP_stack.b
./get_DLP_stack.b &

If you download the partial stacks manually use this command to restore the stack:
cat DLP_stack_*.part > DLP_stack.mrc

The file DLP_stack.mrc will contain the stack with all 18,125 images (the 27 partial stacks can be deleted).

Please download one file at a time or use the supplied scripts to download files sequentially. Attempts to download more than one file at a time will cause a Service Temporarily Unavailable message to be displayed.