Grigorieff Lab Members

Find out more about Niko Grigorieff (571-209-4169 / and members of his lab:

  Name Position Extension/Email
Benjamin Himes Benjamin Himes Postdoc 571-209-4104
Bronwyn Lucas Bronwyn Lucas Postdoc 571-209-4000, x3371
Christine Morkunas Christine Morkunas Lab Coordinator 571-209-4349
Kexin Zhang Kexin Zhang Postdoc
Lukas Frey Lukas Frey Postdoc 571-209-4000, x3495
Mike Rigney Mike Rigney Lab Manager
Nikolaus Grigorieff Nikolaus Grigorieff Group Leader 571-209-4169
                Past lab members


    The Grigorieff lab shares space, facilities and interests with the Clapham lab at Janelia.

    To find out more about the group and how it is to work in the lab, read up on our lab culture. You can also take a look at our group portraits.