Signature [1] is a particle data analysis system for molecular electron microscopy written by James Chen (

This software is licensed under the terms of the GNU Public License version 3 (GPLv3).

Executables for various platforms are available:

Platform Package Installation Instructions
Linux 32bit (Redhat 9) install.Linux32.tar tar xvf install.Linux32.tar
Linux 32bit (Fedora) install.Linux32F.tar tar xvf install.Linux32F.tar
Linux 64bit install.Linux64.tar tar xvf install.Linux64.tar
Linux 64bit (patched using patch below) install.Linux64_patched.tar tar xvf install.Linux64_patched.tar
Mac OS X install.MacOS_X.tar tar xvf install.MacOS_X.tar
cd Signature
/Developer/Tools/Rez -t APPL -o signature mac.r
In case that the TIFF library is not available on your system:
mv libtiff.dylib /usr/local/lib
Mac OS X (for OS 10.5 and up) install.MacOS_10.5.tar tar xvf install.MacOS_10.5.tar
Windows install.Windows.tar Unpack install.Windows.tar (e.g., using WinZip). If the FFTW library is not installed on your system, save the file "fftw3.dll" to
C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ (Windows XP), or
C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\ (Windows 2000)

The installation package with source code can be downloaded here. Installation instructions are included as a README file, and are also reproduced here. To compile Signature on a Mac with more recent OS and/or hardware, please also download Signature_Install_Mac.tar.gz and follow the additional instructions in the README file.

A patch adding command line and OpenMP support was added by Justus Loerke (


If you encounter any problems using Signature, or have questions, please use the Signature forum.