Signature Overview

Signature is a particle data analysis system for molecular electron microscopy (EM). It applies a hierarchical screening procedure to identify molecular particles in EM micrographs. The user interface of the program provides flexible functions to facilitate image data visualization, particle annotation and particle quality inspection.

Signature aims to create an informative computing environment for EM research. Your constructive feedback will help further improve the system design and will be highly appreciated.

Program Release

Since its beta release in December 2003, Signature has been tested at more than one dozen EM research groups worldwide, on Linux, Mac OS X and MS-Windows platforms. The first formal release came out in October 2005.

Feature Highlight

  • Algorithmic particle screening & manual annotation
  • Frequently used image processing functions
  • Image Stack Editor for particle display and browsing
  • Compatible data I/O with major EM packages
  • Informative graphical user interface
  • Data batch processing via scripting