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How to make image stack?

Hi everyone. Im very new in EM so i want to apologyze if the question is a newbie one.
I have processed some micrographies and i want to make a image stack. The problem is that i cant append images to a stack because signature says that the images are too big. The images are 1000x1000 and i tried to bin the images to 500x500. This works but i miss too much info. Any idea?

Particle alignment


We installed signature in our machines and seem to be working fine.
The only problem is that we do not seem to have anywhere the Particle Alignment option under the Function Menu. We also don't have the option to upload the map density. These things are mentioned in the manual and tutorials but they do not appear in our version of the software.

We installed the linux64 patched version.

Any ideas?

Thank you very much!

Cecilia Bebeacua

Patched Signature installation


I have been trying to install the patched version of Signature on 32-bit Linux and on iMac. Unfortunately without success. If seems that the compilation fails. Does anyone know how to overcome this issue or has the patched version for 32-bit Linux that I could download?

Many thanks in advance

Can't open Tiff template file

Hi there,

I have 2 tiff file: one is a micrograph which can be imported, and another is template 16-bit grayscale. The problem arises when I try to import my tiff template; the software says it doesn't recognized the file. Is there any suggestions on how to successfully import the tiff template/change tiff to mrc?


Getting GUI to open up

I have stated signature from the terminal (on a linux machine) and no GUI opens.

The following however happens in terminal when I type command signature:
spatel@sparx:~$ signature
hacked script signature, version 2.02a
the following options can be used:

-h this help text
-v show version number
-d show debugging output
-wisdom FILE use FFTW wisdom file
-g start in GUI mode
-b FILE start in batch mode and screen project FILE
-c start in creation mode. creation options are

Imported .mrc files and found they have been rotated and mirror-imaged

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use Signature to select the particles from my micrograph, given a template.
I would like to get coordinates the picked particle and angle respect to the template to calculate nearest neighbor distance and angle distribution. After importing, I find that both micrograph and template are rotated by counterclockwise 90 degree and mirror-imaged across the mirror plane lying along y = x of the rotated image.

convert signature coordinates to auto3dem coordinates

I am new here and first want to thank you for making available this fantastic software! Since I do not want to invent the wheel again: Does anybody have a script that converts the .plt (or any of the other) coordinate file output by signature into the .bcrd format used by auto3dem? As we also use xmipp, same question: script for conversion into the format used by xmipp?
Thanks a lot, Dieter