Generate .prj files in an automatical way?


Hi. Is it possible to generate .prj files for Signature in a more automatical way? For instance, is it possible to write a script (in phython/fortran.. etc.) to generate .prj files and then be used for batch processing?

The .prj file is a text file which you would be able to edit with a script. A relatively simple way to do this would be to generate a template .prj file using Signature (as you would normally do) and then make copies with the specific changes (different file names). For the changes you can use a Linux tool such as sed (a so-called stream editor that can replace characters in a line of text, see for example

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Thanks niko.

So I can just modify the file names, and all the binary data at the back of a .prj file can be simply copied and used with another micrograph, is that right?
Just curious, what does those binary data store?

Thanks a lot.