Can't open Tiff template file


Hi there,

I have 2 tiff file: one is a micrograph which can be imported, and another is template 16-bit grayscale. The problem arises when I try to import my tiff template; the software says it doesn't recognized the file. Is there any suggestions on how to successfully import the tiff template/change tiff to mrc?


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Hi Niko,

Thank you for your recommendation. Do you have to have Imagic installed in order to get it to work for mac (I'm using OS10.8.2)? I followed the URL, downloaded and unzipped the file, but when I double-click the em2em icon, nothing shows up but
; exit;
usage: dirname path
[Process completed]
And their instruction doesn't seem to be applicable to the software the provide to download for free.
Is there any other software that can convert .tiff to .mrc?


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We have IMAGIC installed, so I am not sure. Please contact ImageScience with this question. All I know is that em2em is offered free of charge. So I assume that one should be able to run it without purchasing a full version of IMAGIC.

eman 1, eman2, and bsoft, as well as imod will all perform this operation. I believe they are all free.