How to make image stack?


Hi everyone. Im very new in EM so i want to apologyze if the question is a newbie one.
I have processed some micrographies and i want to make a image stack. The problem is that i cant append images to a stack because signature says that the images are too big. The images are 1000x1000 and i tried to bin the images to 500x500. This works but i miss too much info. Any idea?


If the files are MRC format, you can use the newstack command from the IMOD package ( Something like:

newstack input_1.mrc input_2.mrc input_3.mrc output_stack.mrc

If the fies are Imagic format, Imagic has an append command.

There is also the bcat command from Bsoft, which supports several formats so that the following is possible, for example:

bcat input_1.mrc input_2.mrc input_3.mrc output_stack.img

Is this the sort of information you were looking for?


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They are in .mrc . I have tried you said and it works perfect! thanks for your help!