Hidden Strawberry Cake


  • Sugar, 100g
  • 2 eggs
  • Flour - 100g
  • Baking powder - 2 tsp
  • Strawberries - 1 lb
  • Milk - 2 cups
  • Vanilla budding - cook and serve
  • Strawberry flavored gelatin powder
  • Heavy cream - 16 fl. oz.
  • For the flan base:
  • Sugar - 100g
  • 2eggs


  1. Mix flour and baking powder and give it slowly to the sugar-egg batter while mixing.
  2. Bake about 15 - 20 min in a greased spring form at about 350°F.
  3. Test with a wood piece if the flan base is still sticky in the middle or if it is ready.
  4. Let it slowly cool down so that the flan base will not collapse.
  5. Loosen flan base from spring form and put back into the spring form.


Follow the directions of the package or:

  1. Bring 1 1/3 cup of milk to boil.
  2. Stir pudding powder into rest of the milk and mix well to avoid clumps, then add to boiling milk.
  3. Bring to boil again for about 30 sec.
  4. Let pudding cool down and spread on top of baked flan base evenly.
  5. Wash and cut strawberries in half, put on the top of the pudding.


  1. Prepare gelatin as described on the package (dissolve powder in pan with little bit less than 1 cup of water, bring to boil, add 1 cup of could water).
  2. Mix heavy cream 16 oz. (cooled in the fridge) with 2 tbsp. sugar.
  3. Mix with the hand mixer (about 30 sec. – 1 min).
  4. Add cream stabilizer 2 bags (e.g. Whip it by Dr. Oetker)
  5. Continue stirring until it is solid enough, then put it into the fridge.
  6. Wait until gelatin starts to solidify (takes about 2 hours, depending if you put it into the fridge or freezer), then add it slowly to the whipped cream while mixing it with the hand mixer (becomes a pink foamy cream).
  7. Put it on top of the strawberries, while cake is still in the spring form.
  8. Make sure spring form is not leaking.
  9. Put in fridge for the next day so topping can become more solid.

Start with the gelatin since it takes so long to cool down. While it is cooling down, prepare flan base and pudding.