Mysteries of rmeasure.


I'm new with linux. Could you please give me a short instruction: How to install rmeasure and how to start it?

Thanks a lot,

Mia L.

compilation issues.

I am getting linking problems after al the compilations have taken place. Specifically, I get the following message upon running make:
Any help would be appreciated.

g77 -O3 -s -fomit-frame-pointer -Wall -falign-functions=4 \
-w -c rmeasure.f
g77 -O3 -s -fomit-frame-pointer -Wall -falign-functions=4 \
-w -c iof.f
gcc -O3 -DPROTOTYPE -Dalliant -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 \

problems after compiling

Hi All,
I installed rmeasure on my 64bit Debian system and the compiling worked well I guess, below is the output:

$ make -f Makefile_linux_amd64_pgi
pgf77 -tp=amd64 -fastsse -mcmodel=medium -c rmeasure.f
pgf77 -tp=amd64 -fastsse -mcmodel=medium -c iof.f
pgcc -tp=amd64 -fastsse -mcmodel=medium -c ioc.c
pgf77 -mcmodel=medium \
rmeasure.o iof.o ioc.o -o rmeasure.exe
\rm *.o

I used the new portland compiler (10.0).

But when I start rmeasure I just get a "Killed" message in the command line.
What am I doing wrong?

Kind regards

Not working

I have a postdoc here who is seeing curiously different results from the latest rmeasure (version 1.05) compared to a previous version (1.03).

This is a cryo structure where initial projection matching was done in SPIDER and then the structure was refined using FREALIGN.

rmeasure version 1.03 gives a resolution of 24 A.

rmeasure version 1.05 gives a resolution of 6 A, which would be nice but is certainly not true.

There is a new rmeasure input in 1.05 and not 1.03, the inner and outer radii automasking criteria. For the above result of 6 A, the value 0,0 was used as recommended.

User-defined mask

Is there a version of the program that would allow one to provide a user-defined mask, as opposed to the automated masking procedure and the spherical masks? The problem is that the curves look really awful at lower resolutions and I was wondering whether tweaking with the mask would improve things...