problems after compiling


Hi All,
I installed rmeasure on my 64bit Debian system and the compiling worked well I guess, below is the output:

$ make -f Makefile_linux_amd64_pgi
pgf77 -tp=amd64 -fastsse -mcmodel=medium -c rmeasure.f
pgf77 -tp=amd64 -fastsse -mcmodel=medium -c iof.f
pgcc -tp=amd64 -fastsse -mcmodel=medium -c ioc.c
pgf77 -mcmodel=medium \
rmeasure.o iof.o ioc.o -o rmeasure.exe
\rm *.o

I used the new portland compiler (10.0).

But when I start rmeasure I just get a "Killed" message in the command line.
What am I doing wrong?

Kind regards

The problem you experience most likely has to do with insufficient memory on your machine. Open the file rmeasure.f and locate the line


near the top.

Change the value for NN1 (here 1000) to a smaller value (for example 500). NN1 must be equal to or bigger than the dimensions of your structure you want to run the program on. Then recompile.

This problem will go away in a future release of rmeasure, when the memory allocation is done dynamically.