FrealignX_run_refine gettting error of dump file not found



I am running FrealignX_run_refine. It seems that it ran at the beginning but stopped at the merge3d step. Here is the error message in the merge_3d_frealignx_r1.log:


        **   Welcome to Merge3D   **

            Version : 1.00
           Compiled : Jul 26 2016
               Mode : Scripted

Output reconstruction 1                            : frealignx_2_r1_map1.mrc
Output reconstruction 2                            : frealignx_2_r1_map2.mrc
Output filtered reconstruction                     : frealignx_2_r1.mrc
Output resolution statistics                       : frealignx_2_r1_statistics.txt
Molecular mass of particle (kDa)                   : 157
Inner mask radius (A)                              : 0.0
Outer mask radius (A)                              : 100.0
Seed for input dump filenames for odd particles    : frealignx_2_r1_map1_n.mrc
Seed for input dump filenames for even particles   : frealignx_2_r1_map2_n.mrc
Error: Dump file frealignx_2_r1_map1_n1.mrc not found
From programs/merge3d/merge3d.cpp:113
bool Merge3DApp::DoCalculation() finished

I could not figure out what went wrong? Can you please help on that? Thanks a lot!