Beamtilt refinement


Dear all,
I am processing a particular data set that due to sub-optimal imaging
conditions has beam tilt (probably has also difference in magnification between images/particles
and perhaps other pathologies). If I want to do a grid scan for the beam tilt in X an Y, should I just type the values in mparameters
file (example 1,1 and 1,2 etc.,) and look for the values that gives the best reconstruction ?

I tried doing this by typing in the values but in the output parameter value the beam tilt values are still default at 0, 0.

What is the best way to carry out the scan for the beam tilt.



I just tested it and setting

beam_tilt_x 0.1
beam_tilt_y 0.2

in the mparameters file is correctly reflected in the output parameter file (in the header with the comment lines that list all the input parameters for the job). So your method to try different beam tilts should work.