Relion did not find any of the expected EPS files


I've been trying to use CTFFIND-4.1 to do CTF estimation in relion-3.0, but I have been unsuccessful due to relion not finding the expected EPS files. Each time, none are produced and the .star file made is empty.

I'm fairly certain I have compiled and installed CTFFIND 4 correctly on my OS but seem to be missing something. I have used CTFFIND3 before in relion-2.0 on another machine. I'm wondering if there are extra dependencies (I have just recently built my OS with centOS 8) or if there may be a certain step I may be missing?

Thanks for any advice you can provide!


You should check whether your compiled CTFFIND4 works. Just open a terminal, and try to run the ctffind binary you compiled. If that works (i.e. gives a prompt asking for an input file), you know you built it correctly.

I don't know what EPS files are, so I'm not sure what their not being found implies.


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Thanks for the suggestion. I tried to run ctffind in the terminal, but keep receiving the error:

ctffind: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

However, I installed WxWidgets 3.1 and still received this error. Have you encountered something like this before?

Thanks again,

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Hi Madeline,

Before compiling cisTEM, are you passing an argument to config to tell it where to find your wx? I.e. something like --with-wx-config=/path/to/wxconfig