dose correction for single micrographs

EM users

We are collecting some test data on new samples at home on our TF20 with
a CMOS 4K camera, and I wondered if there is software available that will
do dose correction on single micrographs, as opposed to movie frames in a
stack file? For smaller particles, it is useful to collect images with
about 30-35 e/A2, for better contrast and alignment, but can I dose correct
the images?

C Akey

Hi Chris,

Do you mean can you correct on a single image? Unfortunately this is not possible, as there is no way to separate out the different dose regions. Something I have done before is to take several images in sequence, say 5 images with 10 e/A2 each. This sequence can then be aligned, and somewhat dose weighted (although it won't be quite as efficient as if the exposures were smaller).

I hope this answers your question!