The hardware is located in a deli box controlled at 4-6oC and the software used to control the system is the Unicorn operating system, running on a PC located on the other side of the hallway. Please see the attached user manuals for detailed descriptions of the components and software.

When reserving the FPLC, please add your name to the calendar above the FPLC computer. Normally, time is reserved in 3-4 day blocks. Please be considerate to other users. As always, repeated failures to use the instrument after reserving time can result in penalties, up to and including banning.

Logging On
The unicorn software has a number of established user accounts. if you are a member of the Grigorieff lab and do not have a user account, please see Mike. if you are not a member of the Grigorieff lab, you may log in using the Guest account.

Columns Available
We currently have the following columns available for use:
Sephacryl S-100
Sephacryl S-200
Superdex 75

Data Output
Unicorn data files can only be read with that software. You can print out a hard copy of your trace and experimental setup on the Rose4gc printer in the computer room. Further processing of data files is not currently supported.

The system can be rather fastidious when rebooted. If you are having problems, talk to Mike.