unblur result have a very big shift.

I use FoilHole_18051246_Data_18043800_18043801_20170519_0130_Fractions.mrc as a input file. which have 39 frames. The result show there is a very big shift between each frame. I am not sure if I did wrong or the data is too poor?

Input stack filename [my_movie.mrc] : ./FoilHole_18051246_Data_18043800_18043801_20170519_0130_Fractions.mrc
Number of frames per movie [39] :
Output aligned sum file [my_aligned_sum.mrc] :
Output shifts file [my_shifts.txt] :
Pixel size of images (A) [1] :
Apply Dose filter? [NO] :
Save Aligned Frames? [NO] :
Set Expert Options? [NO] :

Performing Alignment...

Average X Shift : 72.8 A
Average Y Shift : 66.3 A
Final Score : .000

Total execution time : 2 minutes and 11 seconds
2017-10-03 17:13:33 : UnBlur finished cleanly.

Those shifts are indeed very big. if you plot the shifts form my_shifts.txt, does it look smooth or completely random? You could try to limit the maximum shift in the expert options if you think it is shifting too much.

If you just sum the movie with zero shifts, does it look ok, or does it look very bad?


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The shifts look smooth. and the sum micrography without shift (right) look a little better compared with sum micrography with shift (left). I update the shift.pdf and sum mrc.

These shifts look bad as they fluctuate, so I suspect the alignment failed in this case.

I can't really see anything in the sums you attached , is there much sample there?

You could try to play with the maximum shift (make it smaller) and the bfactor in the expert options to see if you can improve things.