Problem alignment frames from K2

Hello everybody,

I have been using UNBLUR to align frames from Falcon detector, it works well with 16 frames and 520Mb files. Now I am using K2 detector, and the frames from this detector are not "stack". I am using a Relion script to stack the 32 frames (52 Mb each) and the output is a .mrcs file (1.8 Gb each). I changed the format to mrc and tried to run UNBLUR but there is an error and the images are deleted. Sorry, I am a beginner, could you give some advise?



** Welcome to UnBlur **
Version - 1.0.2

Input Mode: Batch
Date & Time: 2016-07-14 17:45:09

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Use is subject to Janelia Farm Research Campus Software Copyright 1.1
license terms ( )
Input stack filename [my_movie.mrc] : FoilHole_3679268_Data_3674926_3674927_20160705_0945-8429.mrc
Number of frames per movie [32] : 32
Output aligned sum file [my_aligned_sum.mrc] : FoilHole_3679268_Data_3674926_3674927_20160705_0945-8429.mrc
Output shifts file [my_shifts.txt] : FoilHole_3679268_Data_3674926_3674927_20160705_0945-8429.mrc
Pixel size of images (A) [1] : 1.4
Apply Dose filter? [NO] : NO
Save Aligned Frames? [NO] : NO
Set Expert Options? [NO] : NO
Performing Alignment...
**ERROR(ReadSlicesFromDisk): I/O error -1 when reading from: FoilHole_3679268_Data_3674926_3674927_20160705_0945-8429.mrc
IO error message was: end-of-file during read, unit 22, file /mnt/atlantis/homes/pc557/unblur_prueba/FoilHole_3679268_Data
Total execution time : 1 second
2016-07-14 17:45:10: Fatal error (ImageFiles::ReadSlicesFromDisk): I/O error
srun: error: triton-1: task 0: Exited with exit code 128

Hi Pablo,

It looks like you are giving the same file for the input and output file.

The input is FoilHole_3679268_Data_3674926_3674927_20160705_0945-8429.mrc, the output is the aligned sum, so you should call it something else e.g. "FoilHole_3679268_Data_3674926_3674927_20160705_0945-8429_aligned.mrc".

I think this should solve the problem.