Resampling MRC mode 6 stacks before magnification distortion correction


I have stacks that have not been recorded in super resolution mode and stored as MRC mode 6 (unsigned 16 bit integers). I'd like to resample them to twice their size with resample.exe from frealign before applying magnification distortion correction and then to bin them to their original size. However the image_headers.f90 program has not the MRC mode 6 implemented (I get the error 'Nonsensical MRC mode number' running resample.exe). My frames values are small (in the interval [0, 6], apart from a few bad pixels at max 67). Would adding the mode 6 in the list of MRC modes for which the BytesPerPixel function in image_headers.f90 return 2 in (line 230 for frealign 9.11) would lead to a correct processing?



Hi Matthieu,

Obviously, we have not tested this so please check the results carefully (e.g. by first converting a test movie to another MRC mode using IMOD for example and comparing the outputs when starting from this converted file or the original mode 6 file), but yes I believe the change you indicated should do the trick. Good luck!