Direct download links for software from the Grigorieff lab that would allow to download the source code from the command line



I would be interested in installing software provided by your lab on the HPC cluster of ETH Zurich. We are using a package manager called spack ([] which is used in many national labs in the US and other large organizations as NASA etc.

Spack also provides a build recipe for cttfind

but the installation always fails as it cannot download the source code from the command line. Would it be possible to provide direct download links instead of links like

that can only be downloaded using a browser?

Also in general for people that would like to install your software on a remote system, it would help to avoid that they first need to download the software on their local computer and then upload it to the remote system (as many people are still working from home due to the pandemic).

Thank you for considering my request.

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Thank you very much for providing the direct download link.

Now the installation works like a charm.

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