Really dumb question: where is the download button

Want to download ctffind4, but can't find a "download" button anywhere on
What am I doing wrong?
-Fred Sigworth

Dear Fred,
You can download from this page:
Sorry that the ctffind4 page is not clear enough.
Also: if you are planning to use this on MacOS, I have a pre-release version (numbered 4.1.7) which I'm hoping Mac users could try out to confirm that they can build & run ctffind. Unfortunately, the public release (4.1.5) seems to create problems on Mac. If you're on Mac and willing to test this, I can send you 4.1.7 via email.

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Sure - I'll email you the tar ball in a minute using the address you registered with on this website.

As soon as a couple of Mac users have confirmed this works, I'll make this publicly available. Thanks for your help.