Installing CTFFind-4.1.14

Attempting to install ctffind-4.1.14 on Centos8.3.   I have checked thoroughly that all dependencies are present.  I have tried all the compile versions which do not run (segmentation fault).   I compiled trying with --disable-debugmode the 'make' output has a lot of problems but runs to completion and I have attached the configure and make outputs:   (When I use --enable-debugmode there are far fewer warnings during 'make' but ctffind does not run  any further).   On running ctffind I get segmentation fault.  (also it says that openmp is not available but I have loaded openmpi with 'module load')


[croninn@loncemserv1 ctffind-4.1.14]$ ./ctffind



        **   Welcome to Ctffind   **


            Version : 4.1.14

           Compiled : Mar 17 2021

               Mode : Interactive


Input image file name [input.mrc]                  : /home/croninn/reliontutorial/relion30_tutorial/MotionCorr/job014/Movies/20170629_00049_frameImage.mrc

Output diagnostic image file name

[diagnostic_output.mrc]                            :

Pixel size [1.0]                                   : 0.885

Acceleration voltage [300.0]                       : 200

Spherical aberration [2.70]                        : 1.4

Amplitude contrast [0.07]                          : 0.1

Size of amplitude spectrum to compute [512]        :

Minimum resolution [30.0]                          :

Maximum resolution [5.0]                           :

Minimum defocus [5000.0]                           :

Maximum defocus [50000.0]                          :

Defocus search step [100.0]                        :

Do you know what astigmatism is present? [no]      :

Slower, more exhaustive search? [no]               :

Use a restraint on astigmatism? [no]               :

Find additional phase shift? [no]                  :

Do you want to set expert options? [no]            :

File name: 20170629_00049_frameImage.mrc

File type: MRC

Dimensions: X = 3710 Y = 3838 Z = 1

Number of slices: 1

Working on micrograph 1 of 1

OpenMP is not available - will not use parallel threads.


      DFMID1      DFMID2      ANGAST          CC

    13000.02    13000.02      -42.50     0.15615

Segmentation fault (core dumped)


I found the solution in previous post to edit the ctffind.cpp file  and recompile.  Amazing!!