Error compiling version 4.1.13 on Linux - missing pdb.h & water.h files

I am trying to compile from ctffind-4.1.13.tar.gz (on Centos 7) but getting error of
missing include files pdb.h & water.h:
  tar -xf ctffind-4.1.13.targz
  cd ctffind-4.1.13
  compilation terminated.
   In file included from src/core/symmetry_matrix.cpp:1:0:
   src/core/core_headers.h:98:17: fatal error: pdb.h: No such file or
   #include "pdb.h"

Should I be installing some other dependencies or have these include files been simply 
excluded from the source code ?

Thank you

Hi Suhail,

My apologies, these files were not included in the source code distribution. Fortunately, they should not be required for ctffind to build or run. Please try deleting the following lines from src/core/core_headers.h: lines 98-99:

#include "pdb.h"
#include "water.h"

and then try building again