ctffind plot no color (Mac system)

Hi all,

I did not have color in my pdf... But in the script it is ok... I can put on color with AI by using .ps file. I haven't tried in Linux system yet...

Here is the plot:

Many thanks for the helping!


Hi Hong,

That's interesting! The script uses gnuplot to generate this figure. So your problem is with gnuplot somehow - you should search online for related information. For example, perhaps this is your problem?

If you find a solution that requires editing the script, let me know so I can incorporate the changes in future releases.


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Cool! That's what i thought too!!:) I will let you know!

Thanks a lot for the help Alex!


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Hi Alex,

Indeed it works... after add a color tag after the set term line... I dont know how to attach file from reply.... I copied this:

if (strstrt(GPVAL_TERMINALS, 'pdfcairo') > 0) {
set terminal pdfcairo size 10.0cm,4.0cm enhanced font 'Arial,9' color
set output '$output_fn'
} else {
set terminal postscript size 10,4 enhanced font 'Arial,14' color
set output '${output_fn%%.pdf}.ps'

Many thanks!