ctffind 4.1.14 compiling, wxWidgets curiosity and database.h lines


When compiling ctffind 4.1.14, I had two problems.

1. I had to rebuild wxWidgets without STL, otherwise my compiler (gcc) complained about trying to interpret wxStrings as const char *'s.

2. There seem to be a lot of lines in src/core/database.h which did not seem necessary, but caused grief like this:

bool CreateParticlePickingResultsTable(const int &picking_job_id) {return CreateTable(wxString::Format("PARTICLE_PICKING_RESULTS_%i",picking_job_id),"piirrrirrr","POSITION_ID","PICKING_ID","PARENT_IMAGE_ASSET_ID","X_POSITION", "Y_POSITION","PEAK_HEIGHT","TEMPLATE_ASSET_ID","TEMPLATE_PSI","TEMPLATE_THETA","TEMPLATE_PHI");};

calls CreateTable, but I could not see it used anywhere. Is the sqlite3 code really necessary ?

Now it compiles fine.