CtfFind4.1 loading mrc file error

I am a new user to relion and CtfFind and I've been encountering an issue with CtfFind on a set of mrc files. When I try to use CtfFind in Relion with these mrc files I receive the error:

WARNING: skipping, since cannot get CTF values for

Did not find any of the expected EPS files to generate a PDF file

+Will make an empty PDF-file in CtfFind/job002/logfile.pdf

When I look at the log file for CtfFind it says:

Error: File does not exist, please provide an existing file!

I decided to go around Relion and load these files into CtfFind on their own however, I receive the error:

File type: MRC

Dimensions: X = 5120 Y = 3840 Z = 1

Number of slices: 1

*** Caught unhandled unknown exception; terminatin


It appears something is wrong with either my mrc files or my CtfFind, any ideas.

Thank you in advance,

Dylan Girodat

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for trying ctffind. Could you please attach one of the MRC files that cause this error, so that I can investigate?


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Hi Alexis,

Thank you for the help. Forgive me but I am having difficulty finding how to attach an MRC file to the forum. Should I email one to you?

Thanks again,